Imunozem Immunity Boosting Powder 300 Gm

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Packing Specification


Therapeutic Category

Immunity Builder

₹ 495  ( Inclusive of all Taxes )
Per 300 Gm Powder



  • Immunity boosting powder helps to maintain your health and shortens the duration of your cold and flu.
  • It will help stimulate and boost your immunity.
  • It will help defend you against common disease-causing micro-organisms.
  • If you are on any medication, consult your doctor before consuming this powder.
  • If you have gastric issues you can consume less than recommended dosage.
  • No Sugar Required. Naturally sweetened

What makes us our customer favorite

  • Naturally grown chemical free ingredients
  • Works synergistically to help your body heal itself
  • Wood fire roasted organic traditionally prepared
  • No Added Sugar